Fixture Group:

Division 1

Summer Single Prelims Results...

Summer Single Prelims Results...

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Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
22/09/14 12:00 AM Barleycorn A Brewery Bar The Barleycorn
22/09/14 12:00 AM Bishops Waltham SC A Acorn SC A Bishops Waltham SC
22/09/14 12:00 AM Grapes Priory A The Bunch of Grapes
22/09/14 12:00 AM Linden Tree A Hedge End Club Linden Tree
22/09/14 12:00 AM Priory B Bye Priory
29/09/14 12:00 AM Barleycorn A Bishops Waltham SC A The Barleycorn
29/09/14 12:00 AM Brewery Bar Priory B Brewery Bar
29/09/14 12:00 AM Bye Grapes Bye
29/09/14 12:00 AM Linden Tree A Acorn SC A Linden Tree
29/09/14 12:00 AM Priory A Hedge End Club Priory